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Jun 17, 2010


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I love loves like that. Four World Cups is way impressive. And you know, if he's gonna go all obsessive on you, every four years sounds pretty manageable. I'm now dealing with the basketball finals. Because my husband loves the Celtics. At least, now that they actually made it to the finals...


Kami- What up? Sorry about the Celtics! Will there be a day of mourning? I've got another 2 weeks left of FUTball fever, but yes you are right it's only every 4 years!

Oh and yea..I kind of got all mushy..What's wrong with me!?? Also wanted to clarify that I'm not a child bride..the 1st WC was when we first started dating so about 12-13 years together..still a hell of a lot, but wanted to say I didn't get hitched at 16 or anything ;)

Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation

Woot woot on 4 World Cups! That is awesome! Thanks for visting my blog today and hope you enjoy my fav posts of the week!


I guess it could be worse. He could be watching the World Cup AND The US Open.


Shauna- unfortunately its WC, basketball finals, US open and Wimbledon - yea! Who schwfuled this? I guess the same people who schedule the RHNY renunion, bethennys getting married and RHNJ all on the same night!

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