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May 17, 2010


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Daddy Files

Well that's the thing. Maybe YOU do 10th times more than your hubby but that's not automatically the case. It certainly isn't with me. Besides, the attention moms get in May is WAY more than dads get, so I have a hard time working up much sympathy.


Daddy Files-

Your right most Dad's do WAY more than Mom's most dad's are the one's making sure the kids are wearing the class shirt of field trip, taking off and going to previously mentioned field trip AND making sure the room mom has the $10 for the class gift AND that they are signed up for cheerleading 4 months from now and run by the office and pay for it AND make the doctors apt AND take the kids to the doctor AND order the swim team swimsuit AND sign up for the 10 different Day Camps we will be attending this summer AND make sure that they are all paid for...see these are all things that I have done this morning with out a thought from any one else. I don't need recognition because I am the mom and this is what we do..

WE BIRTHED THEM (make sure you get this one), Sorry to trump you there, but THAT is why the May celebration is a bigger deal than June..We have to carry them for 9 months and then get them out of us..we grow their arms and legs and make a favorable environment for growing delicate brain cells..do I need to go on or do you want to tell me how you do more than Mom's? That sympathy that you were talking about..yea I don't feel for you either.

Daddy Files

The difference is I didn't ask for sympathy.

Yes, you give birth. No, I can't even if I wanted to (and I don't). All I was saying is that a lot of dads absolutely do all those things and more. And many of the ones who don't take care of all the minutiae, are very appreciative of their wives who do. And not just on Mother's Day either. I'm sorry your husband doesn't fall into that category. But please don't lump the rest of us in his category, because yours is the kind of antiquated mentality we involved dads have to overcome.


Right...... It's absolutely the norm for Dad's to do more than Mom's!

Furthermore I don't think that you can call reality antiquated..it is what is

Thirdly, didn't ask for sympathy...I asked for a Mother's Day gift


Do flowers not count as a gift? I understand him buying some rad glasses the day after mothers day probably sent the wrong message, but, I thought flowers were considered a gift, if not THE gift for Mothers Day including that time he took the kids out of the house for a sanity break for Mom?


I get that, I do.. The background story is that we were in a earth shattering fight...they were totally an ice breaker... We both ackowledged that 2 days before..

Its so funny how men and women differ- he was probably thinking- Ill give her a break.. I was thinking ... Ok everyone just left..


great post. i think your husband and my husband should get together and go golfing. i may have written that once before here. your husband bought sunglasses. mine bought running shoes. priorities, right? that website info does not surprise me. i'm not really disappointed in my husband, but i was hoping for a little recognition from him. yes, i'm not his mother, but still. he did get our son to make me a card and bought a few balloons for me {i was with them at the time}, and that was sweet and all, but i went out monday and bought myself a ton of stuff to make up for mom's day. why? well, our home is currently on the market. my husband has been in his new territory for over a month, leaving me on my own during the work week. BTW, i have big respect and admiration for single moms and dads. i can't imagine being a single parent. it's been hard on me because i'm doing everything. everything. to get our house ready, i spread 8 yards of mulch and raked over 60 bags of leaves and hauled them all to the dump. i cut down branches and picked up old limbs and sticks and hauled all that away, getting bruised, bitten, and scratched in the process {almost losing an eye}. from realtor interviews, paperwork, to school functions and doggy poop patrols, i'm doing it all. i've done all the home maintenance while caring for the dogs, our kid and keeping the house spotless on a daily basis in case of a showing. i had been complaining to him about my back, and dropped hints at how nice a mother's day gift certificate for a massage would be {he did this for me, on his own, back in '06 when we moved to SC and i was doing everything, including packing, by myself then}. i had assumed he heard my hints. what happened this friday? i threw my back out. coincidence? i think not. a massage may have prevented it. thanks for sharing your story and i'm positive next year your mom's day will be super-special. take care, AWM.


Yes they should and while they are golfing we should grab a cocktail! I'm first glad to have a woman's perspective on this one! I agree, agree, agree! It's the same situation..it's not dissappointment really, it's just a little bit of a let down. I love that you were with him when he bought the balloons (men are just wired differently, I guess). He probably thought he rocked that! Oh and I totally went out Monday and bought my own REALLY nice gift. I thought well if no one else is going to do it... And yes the Sunglasses were what prompted the post. It was that he didn't have the time or energy to think about Mother's Day but by noon the following day had scoped out a $350 pair of Sunglasses, found the store that had them and as wearing them by lunch time!??

On a separate note all together...whoa! You are doing A LOT! A lot with a kiddo at home too! I think you need to get a massage just to take care of your self! Good luck with the house and thank so much for the comment!

Cathy B

I get it! It is bad enough that we moms have to plan our own mother's days but why can't dads buy a little gift "from" the kids? If it were not for school art projects we moms would never get presents! Take those shades from him and trade them for your own pair! Tell him you forgive him for buying you the wrong style, and that you exchanged them for some you like better.


Eureka! Some one get's it!!!

Love the idea of swapping them and "thinking" it was a mistake! I went and bought a watch I have been wanting for a long time! I think Wow, I'm an awesome Mom every time I check the time LOL!


I LOVE THE DEMOTIVATION POSTER! And I hear you, I actually wrote the same kind of post for every mother's day. I go so far as to say that I hate mother's day because I inadvertently am disappointed year after year. LOVE the title of your blog. Me too. I am one too. Always happy to find prove out there that I am not alone in feeling this way.



First- thanks for getting it! Second- Angry is so misinterpreted but yes I am an Angry working Mom and there are a lot of us out there so never, never feel like you are the only one! Welcome ;)

Oh and love your Jr. High post- don't worry..he will survive, but as an American kid who went through it..I can't say it will be unscathed. There might be a bump along the way but it will all work out! Jr. High for me was win Giant, hairspray hair and the MC Hammer/Madonna look where in style...a few fashion misses, but we all survived!

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