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Apr 25, 2010


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And if you became a stay at home mom, some other segment of people would try to make you feel bad. I wish I knew why society conspires to make women feel crappy, but it happens all the time. We try hard to ignore the judgement of other people and be happy with our own (and very personal) decisions.

Peggy Sue Brister

People judge me because I punch my kids in the face and give them benedryl to knock them out! I know! Right!! How dare they! I am joking with you. But I do Twitter about hitting my kids and giving them benedryl. I like to shock ppl with my kidding. :P


Its ok im 27 and fixing to have my 3rd baby but this will be our 4th kid!! i stay at home but i run my own buisness!screw ppl that act leik u dont know what your doing!!!


You are absolutely right! It's a tough crowd! I have never seen such judgment until you get in front of a group of Moms (and I deal with department of Defense for a living)!


Bree- Rock on! I admire you! I was a chicken! It took me 6 years to do it again! You go girl!!!!


Sue- I love your humor! I am falling over laughing!!!

Will Blog for Showz

Sounds like they might've been a smidge jealous that you're younger. Maybe not. It's been my experience that most of the judgement thrown around stems from some sort if insecurity. You may be "only 31", but it seems you know that it's SO NOT about age. Most of my parenting advice comes from my friend who us younger that I am, but had a 5yo & 2yo by the time I had my first.

I do wish moms would quit slamming on other moms. It's a tough job and we all have to approach it differently.


WB4S- Im not sure what the deal is - maybe its jealousy - I dont know. It gets really old (no pun intended)!

I just cant get over that Im not 13, geez people. My fave part is that she managed to slam where I live as well ;)

I did manage to say well youve got a few years on me so maybe when Im your age Ill live in your neighborhood.


This is why people are only meant to socialize over the interwebz. Conversing in "real" life can only end badly. People say such stupid shit. But seriously, when you're older, you'll totally get what I'm talking about.


Kami- you are such a delicious smart ass! Love, love love it!


Bascially there are those in life who have to be better than, smarter than, and always right. She sounds like one of them. I am 42 and still feel at a loss as a parent, a teacher, a friend, and even a human being. I have become a better teacher because YOUNGER teachers have challenged me to change my thinking. I am a better person because my YOUNGER students have taught me some of life's most impportant lessons. Next time Ms. Wonderful says, You will never know, look her dead in the eye and say, "Frankly My Dear, I do know. I am living the dream. What makes you so special?" That will shut her up. ;-)



Thank you, thank you, thank you for that comment!

Dee Dee

Oh Darling! Thank God you have all that energy, cuz I'm an old Mommy and I am TIRED! So by the time you are my age, you are going to be foot loose and fancy free, but you can come to Palm Springs and push me around in my wheelchair!!! (I may be old but I'm a hell of a lot of fun, dammit!!!!) Kisses!


Dee- I think we would have one hell of a time! And the best part us that I know you would have that wheelchair blinged out and would rock even better shoes because you wouldnt have to worry about walking in them!
Thanks for visiting!

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