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Apr 23, 2010


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My fave is the fourth bullet point: the one where he just leaves you to get it together in the mornings. As if it's not the most stressful part of the day. And the getting naked part. Seriously? After you provided me with the opposite of help you think your gonna get some? Dude, I have a headache. And no. That's not gonna make it go away.


Kami-Oh the naked part happens daily..oh you have a headache? You know what would help? Some good lovin'! Really cause' I was thinking a martini would help!

Isn't it a man's world? I swear it's 2010 but even though we both bring home the bacon it all falls on us!

That's why I am trashed tonight! It helps the marriage too! I am more than willing to fork over some poon when I am trashed!

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why does the snow is grey , i think it is white.

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