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Apr 05, 2010


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Haha! We had a very similar experience with "Asia SF" in San Francisco, but at least I was with my husband.


Mrs. Notouching,

Now that would have been comical! My hubs and I probably would have walzed in and had a look at the sushi menu.. I meet w/ this guy on Wednesday. I'll have to update!


This is awesome...you know he secretly giggled and about 1% was hoping you might be serious. BTW, exactly WHAT type of business are you in? ROFLMAO!

These are the moments that make life bearable and give us the giggles. :)



I he totally laughed at me (tried to keep it professional but this big scary guy snickered on the phone). One thing is for sure, we may not win the business but he WILL remember me!

Oh and I'm in sales for an Engineering Services company we do Department of Defense work. So yea I basically asked a 4 star General to have sushi off of a chick!

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