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Apr 19, 2010


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Sorry guys for the pain in the ass comment sign in issue- I think I fixed it!!


good jokes. happy to read your husband has his old job back. i look forward to returning to work once my son is in school full-time. was i supposed to keep my pregnancy test sticks? my sister kept all of hers. i thought it was gross pulling out this bag with, like, 10 tests in it. she gave no reason as to why she still had them...


Kiki- I have no idea why I kept them! My girlfriends did so I did too. Its in a zippy in a rubbermaid shoe box w/ the hospital bracelets, etc. Pretty gross though! My MIL had my husbands shriveled up 40 year old ambilical cord in an album! Yikes! So maybe theres a one up gross story! Ill have to ask some one why we kept these. Maybe we are all keeping years old pee sticks for no reason!


both of those jokes are awful. just awful. you guys are meanie pies. But you're clever. I gotta give ya that! Thanks for fixing the comments form. You rock!


We are a little psycho! But hey it works for us! The best part hes all wahhh Ill never have a son.. Please have another one I knew he was full of crap! He wont own up to it but Im pretty sure he puked!
So glad the comment monster is fixed!!!


Snort. I think my husband actually WOULD have passed out! That's a good one, for sure.


Amber- I bet you are right! The best part was him running away shouting this cant be.. It just cant be! you said that there was no way this could happen as his head spun round and round!
I keep thinking what if I wasnt joking? But then again if I wasnt joking I would have passed out!

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