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Mar 04, 2010


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Ruth Cole

I think I know this man... his wife does everything!


You are right! His wife does do everything..but then again what wife do you know that doesn't ;). We all should get a badge of honor for holding everything together!

Dalia S

Amen to that! OMG, and so true about men not feeling guilty! What is up with that!


Dalia- I'm not sure if men aren't equipped with the guilt factor that we moms have or if they are just immune. I guess it's make up- I feel guilty (because I am already away from the kids a lot while working) to go to the gym or other "me" activities..I think- well I should play one more game of UNO- I'll go after they fall asleep. The men think- sweet the wife is playing one more game of UNO- I'm going to grab a beer with the guys!

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