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Mar 31, 2010


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I am so sorry, that sucks. I think there's nothing more draining than dragging a one year old around.


Jerseygirl- thanks for that & you are right! Suc-kee! I'm already irritated and ticked off and it just started a week ago..well I guess I used up all of my complaining for the year on one post ;)

Kami Lewis Levin

Hi. Sucks. Single-momming it is no fun. Especially when you're married and there's a daddy out there somewhere who should be helping, not in a breadwinner way but in a nuts and bolts help-me-the-fuck-out-with-these-kids way. On anger: wine? a glass a day keeps my meanies at bay (sorta). And, um, can you snag a neighborhood babysitter to help you out? Yes, yes it costs money, but I'd argue sanity is WAAAAYYYY more important. As is being nice to your kids (this coming from the women who screamed at her kids this morning for no apparent reason...) Just some thoughts.

(Why is your comment form such a pain in the ass?)


Kami- why am I just responding?? B/c I'm Fucking bat nuts running around w/ out a head crazy..whoa I got distracted! Thanks for pointing out that my site sucks ;o Jk- I'll "check into that" but I have no idea.. You are one of my absolute faves so I want to hear what you have to say.

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