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Mar 29, 2010


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Dalia S

So true! I just don't get it either. I have pretty much put Facebook on the "will look at it if I am totally bored and have absolutely nothing to do" list. I just don't care if someone is getting ready to shave their legs or pluck their brows!


Thanks for getting it! I've got such hate mail over that one..wasn't aware that people were so sensitive over there FB posts. Love the
"getting ready to shave their legs or pluck their brows" So true..


Oh absolutely. I also hate the ones that say, "My little Tommy is so amazing." And that's it. Are we supposed to ask why? Agree? What is the point? Sorry. . . been too chicken to vent about this on my own blog.


Jerseygirl- I totally got hate mail over this one. I wasn't aware that I was a crappy Mom for not saying "My little Tommy is just fabulous..I could just gaze at him for hours". Hey lady..Tommy wasn't so amazing last weekend when..totally kidding! I also love the ones that say "I have the most amazing family or I just love my life"


I'm right there with you... I have one FB "friend" who posts shit like, "Monday Monday Monday!" and I want to respond with "Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up!".
Also, I get really irritated by people who frequently post about their awesome vacation, or the awesome job they just got, or how awesome their kids or their partner or whoever is. I don't mind those updates every once in awhile for something big, but all the time? Oh no. It makes me want to kick them in the teeth.


Adjustment disorder-

Those are the one's that really make me laugh/want to slit my wrist! The "I love my wonderful husband" "I love my life" " I have the most amazing husband".. Really cause' I know your husband & he ain't that great ;)

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