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Feb 24, 2010


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Happy Birthday to Chunky Monkey! Wow. The nerve of some people. Unfortunately, a few people I know preach to me about safe eating habits and buying organic and poisoning my child with junk. I just nod and thank them for the advice. Hmm...now I want some cake and maybe a swig of a red dye. Take care.


Hey there Kiki! The funny thing is I am the junk food police at our house and I'm always the one dragging the whole family on walks around the lake BUT I'm no cupcake Nazi! I just couldn't believe right there in the bakery crazy comes over and starts in on me. It was quite the spectacle!! The best part is HEY CRAZY we are in a bakery..why are you here if you aren't ingesting any of their poisonous offerings? Oh right you came just to yell at me!


Like the guy that yelled at me because my baby wasn't wearing a hat. (The hat was in my hand. The baby had yanked it off. But a-hole here didn't seem to notice...) People, even babies, need birthday cake or related celebratory desserts once a God damned year. I hope you told that bitch to shut her pie hole. That's what I told this lady: http://bit.ly/bzS8qp Sort of.


wow! Never knew ordering cupcakes can be a risky affair :)I can totally understand your frustration ... "my child - I am the boss"
I am a 'hand's on mom' who had great parents(and no-they didn't read any book on parenting)so really hate it when people push their opinion in my throat.

When my daughter was 3 years old... she had long beautiful hair and once a lady I befriended on the airport just won't stop from expressing how cruel it was of me to make my baby manage her hair.. and that's why she isn't well rounded(fat).. and that I should get it chopped right away. Not once.. she said the same thing in different ways like a gazillion times!

Well.. ofcourse I didn't listen to her then... and I did cut her hair 6 months back... but hey that's my decision b'se she is my daughter. Anyway, hope you had a great B'day party with the scandalous cupcakes:))



Can I get an AMEN?? Dear Mrs. Batshit crazy: Everyone has a pic of there kid diving in to their first B'day cake..oh and if you don't like it stay out of the cupcake aisle.. oh and be very glad my children were with me or Mrs. AWM might have literally knocked your anti-fructose ass out ;)



That's even crazier..I've never heard of any one saying that about hair!!?? We have long hair and I guess I would fall out if someone went on and on like that (esp in front of my kid). Don't you want to say to these people (out loud) "Ok kids step away from the crazy lady". People are ridiculous. Boundaries people, boundaries!!


I think I met that lady at a preschool parent meeting. She's the one who suggested a "candy-free" Halloween. Idiot. I'm glad you told her off and I hope you were as un-dignified as possible.


Jerseygirl- I think these psycho's are in every area lurking trying to screw with us!?? Candy free Halloween- that's typical crazy isn't it??

Don't you want to know who these people are and when they became so uptight that Santa, candy and cupcakes became evil??

Dalia S

LOL! Are you for real? This sounds like something out of a Malcolm in the Middle episode! Too funny!

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