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Feb 22, 2010


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Kiki Moore

great post and so true, too. the double standard is the "other woman/man" in our marriage. we have the same arguments. he thinks that because he has a job, he shouldn't have to do anything. yes, i'm a SAHM, that will change when our son goes to kindergarten next fall, and he throws that fact back in my face with every argument. the thing is, running this house and taking care of everyone in it seems like a full-time gig to me. moms that work full-time and have to come home to do the same routine are amazing. i don't think i could ever do it all. i know for a fact that when i go back to work i will slack off at home. his daily routine is to wake up at 4:30, feed dogs, eat, bathroom, gym, run, shower, goes to work around 8. He comes home b/t 6-7pm and eats dinner, bathroom, rides his bike, shower, tv, and falls asleep on couch around 9pm. he does no housework and no outside work on the home {yeah, i'm the one up on the ladder cleaning the gutters and cutting down trees and running the piles to the dump}. ugh. so sorry i went off a little bit on my comment, i tend to babble. thanks for sharing and take care.


Kiki- No need to apologize..I just wrote a whole blog about it ;)

Couple of things..
1) The Double standard is the "other woman" is brilliant..and so true.
2) What is with the men & their bathroom trips..I'm sorry but you can't call yourself a parent until you've gone to the bathroom with a kid in there with you.
3) What's with the outside work? They expect us to be June Cleaver, but they don't do anything outside or upkeep on the house. Mine works a lot..so that's his excuse for "outsourcing" all of "his" responsibilities. I don't have a cleaning person, but we have a yard guy, handy person and (my personal favorite) a guy who scoops poo WTH!!

Maybe you should fake a fall off the ladder and say you have deathly fears of ladders and cleaning supplies!


(I was having trouble signing in to comment here with my blog url so my twitter ID was the best I could do...)

“I think things are going to change, I think that you are a little too assumptive about what I am doing around the house and it’s not appreciated.” This is the crux of every. single. fight. my husband and I have. Apparently I take him for granted. Apparently I'm not nice. Apparently I have an eye-rolling issue. Apparently the fact that I work, register my kids for their "classes", chauffeur them to said classes, feed them 3 meals a day (the days I'm home), cloth them, diaper them, bathe them, entertain them, and fulfill my other myriad household chores all go unnoticed. Because, well, I AM HOME WITH THEM, 2 DAYS A WEEK AFTER ALL. And, well, he works. Perhaps if I became the primary breadwinner I could be holier than thou too. Fucker.


Workingmomfence- Sorry about the trouble- I'll check it (like I'm some master of the web;))

I hear you!! It absolutely floored me! No man on earth can say this to a woman..it's a given that we do 10,000 times the work..just to make the world work..not the clean house..not the dishes..not the clothes folded and put away..not the dinners- just life. Getting the kids back in forth is enough to drive one mad.

I think you should write a note to tell him how you feel. Isn't that what a therapist would say? And it goes a little something like this. Dear Fucker:...

PS- your eye rolling affliction- I have the same affliction ;)

Dalia S

I am LOVING your blog. You say it all so perfect! Love it!


Dalia- you made my Day..I don't know about perfect ;)

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