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Jan 15, 2010


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After my first baby I was mortified when a grocery clerk asked me when I was due ("Uhhhh, 3 months ago?!") This time around I don't care as much but it's not like I admire my body at the moment either. In both cases, it's been an abrupt shift for me, from being proud of my big pregnant belly to suddenly just walking around with a big useless belly. The worst is when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and don't recognize myself. I tell myself I should still be proud because it was such a good home for my growing baby but it's hard when everyone sees all of the postnatal perfection in the media. They say give yourself at least 9 months to get back to your old shape, so I keep reminding myself of that.



First let me say that the grocery store clerk is a moron..hey lady, the 3 month old baby is the clue that Ive had uh..the baby.

Seriously though..I am a perfectionist in most areas of my life. If I dont like something I go to gym and try to run it off so I was floored, horrified and pissed off when post baby I didnt look like a Victorias Secret model. Nobody tells you (I mean really tells you what to expect). The first couple of months you are too tired to notice really, but it was about month 6 when I realized OH! I am never getting me pre-baby boobs back! It sucks! That is where the disconnect to this article came from. Out of touch celebrities making ridiculous comments dont help, do they?

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